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The Junior String Orchestra
Patricia Purcell, conductor

The Junior String Orchestra (JSO) is a beginning-level ensemble for string students. Students who are accepted in this group usually have had little or no previous orchestral experience, but have developed basic note reading and bowing techniques. Students in JSO learn arrangements of both classical and popular music, and perform four or more concerts each year. Involvement in JSO prepares students for the challenges and excitement of performing in large ensembles. Both string orchestras perform three formal concerts a year. Special concerts for both the String Orchestra and the Junior String Orchestra have included performances at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and at area schools and shopping malls.

To set up an audition time, complete and return your application, with the $20 fee if you are a first time applicant. We will contact you after we receive your form.

Orchestra auditions include:

  • Scales
  • Orchestral excerpts
  • Prepared solo
  • Sight reading (YO and JYO)
Each audition will last 5 to 10 minutes.

Excerpts and Scales: IV and V
Solo: Prepare a solo (or section of a solo) of three minutes or less. The purpose of the solo is to show the level of your technical and artistic development. The solo may be in first position entirely, or may include shifting. An appropriate solo for violin would be at the level of Suzuki Book 2 (late) or Book 3. Violists, cellists and bassists in this group are typically playing at the level of Suzuki Book 2. All applicants need to have reading experience. Students must be able to read notes (identify them by name and perform on instrument), and should be familiar with simple rhythms, key signatures and accidentals.